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Why Thoughtcrew?

Before you pick up the phone or email us it is probably worth deciding if we are right for you and your business. To help you do this we have pulled together a checklist. If you agree with at least seven out of the ten items listed below then it is highly likely that we can work with you to help solve your particular problem.

Do you agree?

  1. We do not want to be dazzled by the senior people then have junior people work on our project
  2. We are not looking for a cast of thousands - more a few really good specialists
  3. We want people who operate as peers
  4. The consultants need to have a proven track record in solving problems like ours
  5. We do not want to share the overheads with other clients
  6. We do not want our fees to include funding for underutilised resources or assets
  7. We want pace in our projects
  8. We want to focus on results and not method
  9. We want challenging ideas
  10. We want people with a mix of business and consulting so they are realistic and pragmatic

Your first call for independent advice in:-

Business Transformation
Change Management
Process Engineering
Stakeholder Management
Benefits realisation
Thoughtcrew Limited Mill House Carlingcott Bath BA2 8AP UK
 +44 208 133 4728