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Who is Thoughtcrew?

Based in
Bath in Somerset , Thoughtcrew is a strategic business operations consultancy. Focused on helping clients deliver results from their operational changes. By integrating strategy and operations Thoughtcrew brings a unique holistic approach to delivering business results. We achieve this by having expertise in strategy, process, organisation design, IT and leadership.

Our style is challenging and our approach is experience based rather than method based. This means that we tailor our approach to help you solve your problems, rather than we work to our agenda. Our approach is rigorous, fast paced, assertive and results focus. This means that we are not a suitable partner for those organisations looking to get their own conclusions confirmed. Nor are we the sensible choice if your idea of using consultants is to add in an extra pair of hands or to produce reports.

We see our job as sorting out the real problem. Coming up with the ideas to help you address it then supporting your actions to solve the problem. Simple, direct, plain speaking, results driven.

Your first call for independent advice in:-

Business Transformation
Change Management
Process Engineering
Stakeholder Management
Benefits realisation
Thoughtcrew Limited Mill House Carlingcott Bath BA2 8AP UK
 +44 208 133 4728