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In our experience when you, as a business needs consulting help, you do not need all the help that you are given (and pay for!). We have created Shadowboard as away to minimise your investment and to maximise the capabilities that you get. Essentially our Shadowboard analysis looks at the changes that you face and identifies the gaps in your team’s capability to deliver the changes. We then provide the resources to fill the gaps, creating a Shadowboard

What is capability consulting?

When choosing consultants there are three different approaches. Typical thinking is:-

1    Provide me with deep subject matter expertise and let me decide how to use it. Typically I will give you a specific task and expect to see deliverables such as a report or technical advice.

2    Let me hand my problem to your and your team. You will analyses the problem. Define the scope of work, plan the budget and then when approved use my people to help you put the solution into practice. We will follow your method and leave you to decide who gets involved

3    We need some help. We have not got the time or the resources available to address a key issue our business faces. What we need is to plug the gaps we have and then work together with your people as peers to provide expertise, advice and support as appropriate.

We believe we add the most value for those businesses seeking option 3. We only provide the capability you need.

Your first call for independent advice in:-

Business Transformation
Change Management
Process Engineering
Stakeholder Management
Benefits realisation
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