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Nobody hires consultants because they have a method. But it's nice to know that there is at least some structure to the approach a consultancy will take. At Thoughtcrew we take a framework approach - only using what we need.

However if you feel that method is a key determining factor in selecting a consultancy then we have more than you will ever need

If, when making a decision about choosing a consulting partner the type of methodology is important then you can be assured that we have a range of leading edge approaches to use. A sample from our Open Method includes:-

  • Project Architect for e-enabled project management
  • Transformation Architect for business transformation work
  • 98 Strategy models
  • Over 50 business operations models
  • At least three selling skills methodologies
  • Two approaches to Innovation, TRIZ and Biomimetics
  • CMAT for assessing customer management
  • Over ten ways of calculating financial risk
  • Lessons from the military

Typically our consultants have formal training by the likes of IBM and a number of our team are Certified Management Consultants. You can find out more about this here


Your first call for independent advice in:-

Business Transformation
Change Management
Process Engineering
Stakeholder Management
Benefits realisation
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