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Project Management for Business Project Managers

Increasing numbers of people are becoming involved in project work, many with little preparation or organisational support. The Project Architect product family has proved to be a creative and exciting solution that demystifies Project Management.

More and more senior people are being asked to sponsor and lead major change projects and programmes. However they often receive little, or no training on how to do this. Typically senior functional managers are tasked with making changes to their functions and whilst their functional knowledge may be excellent their business change skills are often limited.

Unfortunately much of the material that is available for project management today has been written by project managers for project managers. Thankfully Thoughtcrew is able to offer a different approach.

Project Architect is a fully integrated method for managing business change. Project Architect covers everything you need to know to complete a business change project. From explaining the roles to detailed checklists and templates. It also includes a full process covering everything from the idea to measuring the implemented business solution.

For a limited time we are allowing full access to the method so that you can experience first hand the help that Project Architect can offer.

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If you are already a member you can get access here TDL Project Architect

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