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Trouble: it's just not cricket
For many businesses there is only one source of trouble and that is the trouble associated with the cause of the current problem. We see trouble in three ways.

One      the trouble that caused the problem
Two      the trouble that in context is worth addressing
Three    the trouble it takes to fix the problem

Overall we beieve that we are troubleshooters working on behalf of our clients, taking the trouble to remove the trouble......

In our experience many of the problems faced by businesses fall into one of the following categories, here is our view of the top ten
  1. great strategy implemented badly
  2. great strategy, great people, no real implementation approach or method
  3. great strategy, great implementation, not given time to finish or adapt
  4. your customer has a great strategy, yet the problems experienced in implementation are holding up your product or service sale
  5. the project is in conflict with the 'big picture'
  6. there are too many other distractions
  7. priorities seem to follow the weather
  8. there is more stability in our restauarant menu
  9. too many decisions are made within other decisions
  10. promotion timescale = 18 months, project timescale = 24 months


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